Introduction to Knowledge Management

Introduction to Knowledge Management: Download a very comprehensive presentation

The business environment of the 21st century is perhaps the most turbulent in history. It is dominated by three powerful influences: globalization, the knowledge and information revolution, and structural change in organizations. Knowledge is thought to be the only meaningful resource in this knowledge based economy. The traditional factors of production have become secondary. Organizations have started considering knowledge as the key resource within organizations. Thus, Knowledge Management has become increasingly important for all organizations.

The full scope of knowledge management (KM) is not something that is universally accepted. Different authors have defined it differently. Despite all these differences KM surfaced in academic arenas in early 90's as the offspring of endogenous developments in kindred areas (ICT, economics, sociology, organization theory, communication, management …), and in this short period KM has created a strong impact in both academic and business worlds. It's increasing scope and rapidity that grip life in the 21st Century is an encouraging sign. However, we must not forget that the transition periods are always messy, confusing and transforming. In this presentation I have covered the key concepts related to knowledge management. I hope it will help you to understand the basic concepts related to knowledge management in a broader context.

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