6.12 Van Buren's Model of IC Management

6.12 Van Buren’s Model of IC Management

Image available in printed copy of the book          van Buren (1999) has reported a model developed by the ASTD Effective Knowledge Management Working Group, a virtual organization composed of Knowledge Management practitioners in various industries. This group has created an intellectual capital management model whose goal — much akin to a benchmarking exercise — is a standard set of measures that can be used to assess Knowledge Management activities across different companies. The model includes two sets of measures:

  1. Those pertaining to intellectual capital stocks, including:
    1. human capital,
    2. innovation capital,
    3. process capital and
    4. customer  capital;
  2. Those pertaining to financial performance and business effectiveness.

           The starting point resides in the firm's stock of intellectual capital, the identification of which serves as input for knowledge management processes and enablers (Figure 16). Despite their lack of visibility, these are held to constitute, "… the critical leverage points for enhancing the firm’s Knowledge Management capability” (van Buren, 1999: 76). According to this model the critical Knowledge Management processes, which are imbedded in the organizational activities and initiatives, are held to be the

    1. definition,
    2. creation,
    3. capture,
    4. sharing, and
    5. use of knowledge.