Context of Learning

Context of Learning

A presentation given by Dr. Shaheen Pasha at NAHI Teacher Training Workshop

Presentation Agenda & Learning outcomes

Participants will be able to understand:

  • What is learning?
  • Learning theories
  • Types of Learning
  • Types of Learning Difficulties
  • Types of inappropriate Behaviour
  • Causes of inappropriate Behaviour
  • Difference between Stress, Distress & Eustress
  • Stages of Stress
  • How adult students develop cognitively, emotionally, socially and deal with their developmental tasks.
  • Psychosocial theory
  • Guidance, Counseling and Mentoring
  • Types of Counseling
  • Self-Efficacy & Motivation
  • Dimensions of Motivation
  • Motivating Students
  • Principles of Good Practice in Teaching

Follow this link to download presentation "Context of Learning"