Changing Trends in Education

Teaching in 21stCentury

Teacher Training Workshop for Computing Educators

By Prof. Dr. M. A. Pasha

Delivered at University of Sargodha on 06 Sep, 2012

Changing Trends in Education

  • Perrennialism which advocates for a subject-centered curriculum in which teacher is viewed as the authority and expert in the field
  • Essentialism in which curriculum is organized around cognitive and intellectual essentials focusing on contemporary issues while aiming to preserve cultural heritage.
  • Eclecticism which believes no static and single approach is complete for education.
  • Progressivism advocates for student-centered and humanistic curriculum.
  • Re-constructionism places emphasis on controversial national and global issues.
  • Modernism concerns with effectiveness, rationality and measurability.
  • Post-modernism advocates for an emergent, fluid, chaotic, open and pluralistic curriculum

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