Shortcomings of the Existing Curriculum

Teaching in 21stCentury

Teacher Training Workshop for Computing Educators

By Prof. Dr. M. A. Pasha

Delivered at University of Sargodha on 06 Sep, 2012

Shortcomings of the Existing Curriculum

  • Over burdened, outdated knowledge and skills (Yildirim& Simsek)
  • Lack of coherence (Barnett,1997
  • lack of professional development (Dede, 2009)
  • lack of contextual skills development (Weinberger, 2007)
  • Inappropriate selection and organization of knowledge (Bridges, 2000)
  • Incompatibility with 21stcentury's skills (Scott, 1997; Karoly, 2004)

Walkington(2002) says"thosewho would like to bring change must have an understanding of the system and the culture that they wish to change"

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