21st Century Characteristic

Teaching in 21stCentury

Teacher Training Workshop for Computing Educators

By Prof. Dr. M. A. Pasha

Delivered at University of Sargodha on 06 Sep, 2012

21st Century Characteristic

  • The high pace of knowledge exploration and inventions
  • Emergence of Knowledge economy creating stronger relationship between knowledge and technology
  • Growing proportions of labor force are engaged in jobs that emphasize expert thinking or complex communication (Levy & Murnane, 2004)
  • Personal skills and capabilities people need for work, citizenship, and self-actualization are different than of 20th century
  • Communication and collaboration are perennial capability, yet the style and pattern of their usage in 21stcentury demand more sophisticated and higher cooperative interpersonal capabilities (Karoly, 2004)
  • ICT has changed the nature of perennial skills and created new "contextual" skills for expression, experience, and interpretation for work and citizenship

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