Curriculum Targets

Teaching in 21stCentury

Teacher Training Workshop for Computing Educators

By Prof. Dr. M. A. Pasha

Delivered at University of Sargodha on 06 Sep, 2012

Curriculum Targets

  • Address the Needs
    • At individual level.
    • At organizational level.
    • At society level.
    • At national level.
    • At Global level.
  • Develop Graduates' Traits
    • Up-to-dateKnowledge-theoretical learning of concepts and principles regarding a particular subject(s).
    • Marketable Skills -capability of using learnt knowledge and applying it according to the context.
    • Valuable Competencies -an ability to do something satisfactory-not necessarily outstandingly or even well, but rather to a minimum level of acceptable performance.
    • Unique Expertise -level of proficiency and innovative ways of applying the learnt knowledge. (Competitive edge)
    • Globally Compatible Dispositions -habits of mind or tendencies to respond to certain situations in certain ways.
    • Culturally and Professionally Acceptable Values –moral, ethical and professional practices.
  • Develop Appropriate Mindset
    • Each profession needs both a specific skill set and an appropriate mindset.
    • Mindset is a level of understanding having three key components: i) the availability of a specific knowledge domain, ii) the ability to process information against this knowledge domain, and iii) the ability to monitor ones thoughts and thought processes(Peterson et al. ).Teachers MUST REMEMBER the distinctive characteristics of various computing discipline has already been identified by the global community. Sothey MUST TRY TO DEVELOP STUDENTS' APPROPRITATE MINDSET.
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