A Workshop on Implementing Inclusive Education

Inclusive education means ‘Welcoming and valuing every child regardless of ability or disability’.This concept of 'inclusive education’ is both complex and contentious and is shaped by historical, cultural, global and contextual factors.  Recently, several initiatives have been taken by governments, NGOs, INGOs, UN agencies and others to promote inclusive education in Pakistan. Recently, Dr. Shaheen Pasha has delivered a workshop on “Inclusive Education” at Directorate of Special Education, Teachers Training College, Lahore.  Senior teachers from public and private secondary school teachers attended the workshop.Workshop Agenda

  • Types of Disabilities
  • Evolution of Societies’ perception
  • Definitions of Inclusive Education
  • Barrier to Inclusive Education
  • Stereotypical Assumptions
  • Addressing Social Justice
  • Pursuit of an Inclusive Society
  • Implementing Inclusive Education
  • What is required?
  • Key Questions
  • Elements of Change
  • Benefits of Inclusive Education

Follow this link to download her Presentation.

Workshop Agendae