Essentials of Knowledge Management: Concepts, Theories and Practices

Essentials of Knowledge Management: Concepts, Theories and Practices
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Knowledge Management (KM) has emerged as a tool for a continuous and sustainable development. KM is not a single discipline; rather an integration of numerous endeavors and fields of study. It is about using right knowledge at right time. This in itself may not seem a complex task, but it implies a strong tie among corporate strategy to understand why, when, where and in what forms knowledge exists, knowledge processes that span organizational functions, and KM initiatives which is accepted and supported by all the members of the organization. In this book we have covered the basic concepts related to knowledge, knowledge revolution, globalization and knowledge economies. In addition, the book also presents basic theories, frameworks, models and common practices of knowledge management. The book is equally valuable for both students and KM professionals.

Essentials of Knowledge Management
Table of Contents

i About the Authors
ii Preface
iii Readers Return of Investment
iv Book Organization
Chap 1: Perspectives on Knowledge

1.1 Introduction
1.2 DIKW Pyramid - Revisited
1.2.1 Data
1.2.2 Information
1.2.3 Knowledge
1.2.4 Understanding
1.2.5 Wisdom
1.3 Bloom's Taxonomy
1.4 A Practical Example
1.5 Conclusion

Chap 5: Knowledge Processes
5.1 Introduction 172
5.2 Knowledge Processes: A Literature Review 173
5.3 Knowledge Discovery/ Detection 178
5.4 Knowledge Capture and Codification 180
5.5 Knowledge Organization 182
5.6 Knowledge Sharing 184
5.6.1 Explicit Knowledge Sharing 185
5.6.2 Tacit Knowledge Sharing 187
5.6.3 Embedded Knowledge Sharing 188
5.6.4 Role of IT in Knowledge Sharing 189
5.7 Knowledge transfer 192
5.8 Knowledge Acquisition 194
5.9 Knowledge Verification 199
5.10 Knowledge Utilization 200
5.11 Knowledge Creation 201
5.12 Knowledge Reuse 203
5.13 Conclusion 210
References 212
Chap 2: Types of Knowledge Chap 6. KM Frameworks and Models
Chap 3. Dynamics of Knowledge Economy Chap 7 Personal Knowledge Management 267

Chap 4. Knowledge Management
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About the Authors

Dr. Muhammad Anwar-ur-Rehman Pasha

Dr. M. A. Pasha has obtained his Ph. D. in Computer Science from University of Southampton, UK. Presently he is Professor of Computer Science and Dean, Faculty of Computing & Information Sciences, Imperial College of Business Studies, Lahore, Pakistan.  In his 35 years of professional experience he has worked on different academic and administrative positions in different universities of Pakistan. He has published 35 research papers in national & international journals & conference proceedings.


Dr. Shaheen Pasha

Dr. S. Pasha has earned her Ph. D. in Special Education from University of Southampton, UK. She is working as Assistant Professor in the Division of Education, University of Education, Lahore, Pakistan. She has a vast professional experience of more than 16 years on different academic & administrative positions both in the UK and Pakistan.


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